LAB: Linguistic Annotated Bibiolography

Purpose Statement: In the era of big data, psycholinguistic research is flourishing with numerous publications advancing our knowledge of word characteristics and ways to study them. This article presents the Linguistic Annotated Bibliography (LAB) as a searchable web portal to quickly and easily access reliable database norms, related programs, and variable calculations. These publications were coded by language, number of stimuli, stimuli type (i.e., words, pictures, symbols), keywords (i.e., frequency, semantics, valence), and other useful information. This tool not only allows researchers to search for the specific type of stimuli needed for experiments, but also permits the exploration of publication trends across 100 years of research. Details about the portal creation and use are outlined, as well as various analyses of change in publication rates and keywords. In general, advances in computation power have allowed for the increase in dataset size in the recent decades, in addition to an increase in the number of linguistic variables provided in each publication.

Variable Table

You can view the complete variable table that lists the variables, their descriptions, and relevant statistics. Please contact us if the link or any others below are not loading.

View and Search The Database

You can use the Shiny app provided to view all the publication entries and their information. Use the side bar to filter the dataset. Download this app to run locally.

View the Frequency Statistics

You can use the Shiny app to view the frequencies of tags, stimuli, languages, and journals. Download this app to run locally.

View the Yearly Statistics

Download the Data

You can download the csv file of the LAB table information here.